join me on a sugar free week – a movement for better health [♥]

With a tragic death, caused predominantly by complication with diabetes, join the movement to beat lifestyle diseases (in the case of your ignorance ;), it's Johnny Cash)

With a tragic death, caused predominantly by complication with diabetes, join the movement to beat lifestyle diseases (in the case of your ignorance ;), it’s Johnny Cash)

Diabetes (adult-onset) is amongst the many lifestyle diseases caused by a poor diet; add to that Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease, heart problems, macular degeneration and a plethora of others. Not cool. Join the movement to beat these diseases and take care of your own – & your family’s – long-term health. 

A high-sugar diet is one of the main reasons for these diseases – yep, even in people who tend not to gain weight. It’s scary, because it can affect you without you realising it on the scales. And that’s the thing – I’m not complaining about my weight – I’m concerned about my own health and how it impacts those around me. I’ll give you a for instance; father dearest comes home with a packet of family-sized Arnott’s cream biscuits and a block of chocolate. Biscuits. No, chocolate.  Noooo, biscuits. No. Both.  And we eat both. All of it. In about 12 hours.

I worry about him, and I worry about me. I worry about the knock-on effect it has when I get my friend to share with me in the enjoyment of a Ben & Jerry’s Brownie Sundae after our burgers. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m usually pretty healthy. But it’s this one killer ingredient I’ve decided to banish.

Through my sugar-free days, I’ve realised it’s not actually that bad. So I’m going the whole way and doing 7 days. 7 days without sugar. My dad’s going 7 days with reduced sugar. And then we’ll both see what happens.

Why? I don’t want heart problems. I don’t want early-onset sight problems. I don’t want to deteriorate in the deathly grasps of diabetes. I don’t want lifeless skin with wrinkles and gross-ness. And I don’t want to find out what the cookie snacks and after-meal treats will do to me after my youth deteriorates…

My main goal here is to write about the process – to keep me honest… but most importantly, to give you strategies and tips to do exactly the same. I want you to know exactly what’s in store, exactly how to tackle it, exactly what you can do and exactly how you’ll feel without buying some $12.99 diet book. I want to give you an insight, and hopefully inspire you with results and passion to take the plunge and set yourself the challenges. 

I’ve started today and I’ll include this in tomorrow’s post. So far, first day ain’t half bad! 😉

Let’s hope this 7 days turns into a lifetime of better habits for us all *end motivational speech*

Fighting disease through better health

xxxo Faith

holy guacamole – intense kettlebell-burpee workout [♥]

If you’re looking for a killer new way to work out – holy shit this is it. Simple, effective, and after doing it yesterday with a 20 minute stretch I’m still super sore.

I saw the workout description and was pretty sure it would be moderately easy, considering the max amount of burpees you’ll ever do is 15 (and only once). But no. If you’re looking for something pretty mindless where you can burn fat and incorporate leg training, this be it.

So grab a heavy kettlebell or dumbell and get swingin’. I used 15kgs and did the push-up in the burpee which amped it up tenfold. The video will explain, but you pretty much do 1 kettlebell swing and 1 burpee and then 2 swings 2 burpees etc until you get to 15. Then go back down to 1. Ouch.

It’s not as daunting as you may think, but it is hard. Even though it’s kinda addictive, make sure you always mix up the style of your super intense workouts to keep the body guessing and burning fat. Do one thing too often and it isn’t going to work after a while.

So Cassey, this Pilates instructor all over YouTube, is a beast and doing her videos actually got me into Pilates ages ago. She’s branched out though, and now does videos that incorporate HIIT (high intensity interval training) and weight training. If you have the time, I urge you to check her out (and no, Pilates ain’t just for the girls. Heaps of sportsmen do Pilates-inspired workouts because it’s just so amazing for strength and stability as well as isolation of those tiny muscles you never think of).

So go. GO and do this NOW. If you’re a beginner, drop the weight in the swing and drop the push-up. So, no excuses.

Good luck…



xxxo Faith

tips for your Sugar Free Day – quitting sugar [♥]

So you’re doin’ the Sugar Free Day, huh?

ohh, what? not helping?

ohh, what? not helping?

Well, you’re kinda going to have to get used to seeing that (or those cream biscuits, or those waffles, or that cake.. oh, the pain!) without losing the integrity of your Sugar Free Day. Hey, if you still want it by the time it’s your Sugary Day, then have half of what you’d usually have (BE HONEST. Now is not the time to admit you would have had a triple serving…)

But while I’ve been doing my one day on/one day off thing, I’ve found some strategies that helped… me not to tear my hair out or knock the socks off the person who brings home Vanilla Slice for dessert.

1. For the love of God, stay busy. Boredom is one of the top reasons that people overeat. Especially when you’re starting out, schedule Sugar Free Days on your work days or when you know you got a lot of shit to do

2. Again, when starting out and weak to the temptation of caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake *drool*, schedule Sugar Free Days on days you know you don’t have social plans/they don’t involve a likely incident of dessert-gorging. I scheduled one on a family get together. Two croissants, five chocolate brownies, and three shortbread biscuits later – figured it wasn’t the smartest thing I’d done

3. Have some hearty snacks on hand: celery with heaps of nut butter (yum!), sliced apple with almond butter & cinnamon, poached pears with cinnamon, carrot sticks with home-made guacamole (read: mashed avocado), strawberries & macadamia nuts, rye crackers and Brie cheese…

4. Don’t skimp on meals: have plenty of lean protein to keep you full (fish, lean red meat, grilled chicken, tofu, nuts) and make sure you reach your daily fibre intake (high fibre foods: rye bread, oats, bananas, apples, berries, brown rice, quinoa, rye crackers, vegetables [duh]). This seems like a no-brainer but keeping full of healthy food means you’re less likely to unleash the beast

5. See something you really, really, really, super, duper want? Go for a walk/run or do just 20 minutes of exercise – afterwards, you won’t feel like it so much

6. Late night snacker? Eat your dinner a little later if you need to; keep busy between after dinner and bedtime

7. Limit TV today! I know that I ruin all my hard work when I watch Gilmore Girls (the food in it… just. so. good. Danish, anyone?)

8. Think of how shit you’ll feel if you blow it. A negative outlook? Yeh. But it works for me!

9. If all else fails and you find you really suck, take a lesson from Oscar Wilde. The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it: I can resist anything but temptation.

Go on. If you must.
*Disclaimer: then do an hour more exercise, and then face-palm yourself, and then schedule an extra Sugar Free Day. It’s not so worth it, is it?*

Good luck! (You’ll need it.)

xxxo Faith

i’m back! (and quitting the evil grasps of the ziggy piggy) [♥]

Longtimenosee! Moving to a new pad without internet: bad choice. Never do it, folks, unless you’re ready to be disconnected to the e-world we apparently live in. Sheesh.

Okay, so: sugar. Evil, yes? Definitely!

There are people who do everything else with their diet & exercise pretty spot on, but can’t seem to shake the sugar addiction. Oh, that’s me! After a few weeks of travelling and moving, the take-out and the chocolate really did a number on my waist, so I decided to get serious.

The reality is that sugar is bad, and I am really, truly, very sorry for this because I wish something that bad didn’t taste so delectable. It messes with your metabolism, blood sugar levels, your mood, your bodily systems and can cause long-term lifestyle diseases (i.e. Diabetes type II. And probably cancer – everything causes cancer, right?)

Another reality?

Unless you’re Wonder Woman or Superman (which you very well might be..), you’re not going to shake the habit in a fortnight or even a MONTH by going cold turkey. Think about it: set yourself a month without sugar and, if you happen to do it (unlikely for me), at the end aren’t you going to be like WOOOHOOOOOOO TIME FOR A ZIGGY PIGGY!

Napoleon Bonaparte ate the Ziggy Piggy. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE?! Okay, stop reading this. Go. Go and watch it NOW.

Napoleon Bonaparte ate the Ziggy Piggy. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE?! Okay, stop reading this. Go. Go and watch it NOW.

Well I would (by the way, REALLY big REALLY delicious SUPER chocolatey sundae at TGI Fridays called the “Outrageous Friday” or something. Yum. Sorry, not helping) . ANYWAY. You have to take it slow, because if you’re like me and you eat something sweet practically every day (or… with every meal… oops) this isn’t a reality.

Don’t be disheartened though. Just because you’re not going cold turkey on the sweet stuff, it doesn’t mean there’s less benefit. In fact, the benefit will be pretty instantaneous and more long-term than any shortcut effort.


Set yourself 3-4 SUGAR FREE days in the week. Mark them on your calendar, in your diary, write it on your hand – just stay the fuck away from sugar. I don’t mean sweets. I mean sugar. It’s hidden in sauces (tomato, BBQ, low-fat mayo etc.), breads (white, raisin, some wholemeals etc.), spreads (um, nutella? dude, no) and is an additive in lots of juices and processed foods. Check out the nutrition labels on your food and make sure that there’s less than 5g sugar as a guideline. Oh and cereals, careful of cereals – they can be the main offenders (I’m not just talking Cap’n Crunch – but, um, YUM, see I told you I had a problem; I’m talking muesli and the like, too).

So that’s every second day. Sugar free. The other days, obviously be mindful of those hidden sugar traps – other than that, if you’d usually have a cinnabun, share it with someone. Just make the effort on the Sugary days but don’t slap yourself on the wrist for that ice cream you just ate (ground pound yourself if you eat a Ziggy Piggy though. Sugary days aren’t indulgence days just yet).

I’ve just started so I’m still getting the hang of rewiring my habits, but once you’re comfortable with 3-4 sugar free days, add an extra one. In a couple of weeks, add an extra one. Eventually, you’ll have gotten to six (it might take six months but why does that matter if the results will be there forever?) sugar free days, and that’s AMAZEBALLS. On that seventh day, O! The Holy Day of Rest, you GO and you GET yourself that brownie gurlfraaaand/boyfraaandd because dayum you deserve it (just make sure you burn it off… soz, moodkill)

NOTE: Just because you exercise like insanity, it doesn’t entitle you to extra treats. Nuh. That shits your health up in so many different ways and even if I burn off the Super Double Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Icing and Chocolate Dip on the side, I still feel crap because I imagine my heart looking really super duper sad. Simple, you feel good with good nutrition and no amount of exercise can replace this.

Okayyyyy anyway – good luck with all of that. And remember, whatever you do, DON’T EAT THE ZIGGY PIGGY.

May your dreams be filled with sugary Candyland goodness (just not your reality),

xxxo Faith

legs 11 (eleven day challenge for defined legs) [♥]

It’s all about legs (woo-hoo!) So many people want more defined & leaner-looking legs. Shapeliness can add the illusion of length, and strong pins will benefit every-day life too (not just in your gorgeous skater skirt – um, oh, right, or your super hot short-shorts, boys). You walk faster, lift heavier, and the joints around your knees & ankles are more protected).

Yep, legs are pretty amazing.

If you’re not a regular exerciser, implement small steps (like these challenges) throughout your day and build up as you go. You’ll see improvements in strength and tone, and because these exercises target the whole legs, they burn the most calories.

This is for those of you who don’t work out too much yet so keep that in mind. I’ll do an advanced one too. In the meantime, add weights if this is just tooooo easy. And if you don’t have legs? No problemo, there’s a core one coming & an upper body challenge.

Without further ado… (find technique below workout)

[♥] Days 1-5

Do calf raises whenever you brush your teeth – You brush your teeth twice a day, right? For two minutes? (Say yes!) So 4 minutes a day, at least, hopefully..

+ 15 wide full squats, increase by 5 each day (so day 5 will be 35 squats)

Hold your squat, pulse it out for 10, increase by 5 pulses each day (day 5 will be 30 pulses)

15 wide plie squats, increase by 5 each day

+ Hold your plie squat, pulse it out for 10, increase by 5 pulses a day


[♥] Days 6-11

+ Calf raises whenever you brush your teeth (but don’t touch the ground – pulse it out the whole time)

40 wide full squats and 40 pulses 

40 wide plie squats and 40 pulses

20 slow standing hamstring curls on each leg 

20 slow standing side leg-lifts on each leg


How to?

Pulse an exercise

– this just means you don’t rest between repetitions
– hold the exercise in the most difficult phase (like the bottom of a squat, or the middle of a calf-raise) and move only a couple inches
– just remember the key here is to keep tension in the muscle, so as soon as you feel a release, you know you ain’t pulsing

Calf raises

– feet hip-width apart
– legs straight, body upright
– raise onto the balls of your feet as much as you can & lower


– feet a little wider than shoulders
– chest & chin up, abs tight
– stick your butt back like you’re sitting on a low chair (keep the weight in your heels)
– knees don’t go forward, butt goes back
– make the squat last for 4-5 seconds

work your behind more by clenching your glutes to bring you up

squats: work your behind more by clenching your glutes to bring you up

Plie Squats

– keep feet wider than shoulders
– chest & chin up, abs tight, body upright
– activate your glutes to come up
– should last for 4-5 seconds

plie squats: the lower the better

plie squats: the lower the better

Hamstring curls

– Stand with your supporting leg straight and strong and lift the working leg behind you (straight) as high as it can go
– hold onto something for support if you need to
– moving only the knee (by hinging it) slowly squeeze your hamstring (back of your thigh) to bring your foot into your butt
– resist on the way out, it works better (go slowwww)

Standing side leg lifts

– Stand with supporting leg strong and lift the working leg directly out to the side of you (straight) as high as you can
– hold on for support if needed
– move ONLY the working leg (keep core tight) and squeeze it up, slowly resist it down
– go slow, don’t move with momentum


Ta-daaaa! I know I wrote like, 600 words… but once you get the technique down, it’s super easy and just keep doing this type of training (just increase the reps or hold some weights with your squats and calf raises) & add in different targeted exercises for a full-body routine.

And it only takes a little while each day (:

Questions? Answers! Just let me know.

Umm clench happy!

xxxo Faith

caffeine, exercise & fat loss [♥]

Coffee is magical.

Coffee is what allows me to be the sparkling creature standing before you (well, kidding, but you catch my drift).

So I resolved to slam a short black before my workout and then it hit me – I’ve heard so many mixed things about coffee for fat loss, coffee for enhanced performance and for longer/harder workouts and I decided to do a bit of research (a lot of research. *sigh* where’s my mug?)

Can caffeine really aid fat loss & increase the BOOM of your workout?

The low-down: caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, some sodas and some foods etc. It causes adrenaline to be released into the body, and blocks the neurotransmitter responsible for calming the body. It is a “nutritional ergogenic aid” (performance enhancer) For most, it makes big tasks seem that little bit more achievable…

Regular coffee-hugger? Mmm. Effects are reduced as your body tolerates the drug more & more. If you have one a day, you shouldn’t be used to it. I only have one when I feel I really need it now, to kick my old habit of 4-5 soy lattes before the PM. Tea, anyone?

Effect on exercise: What caffeine is supposed to do – when taken in adequate amounts the right time before a workout (2-3 cups or a strong mug of coffee 1 hour before) – is mobilise fat. Wooh!  That means that the energy used by your muscles is coming from fat stores and muscle glycogen (the good carbs you’re eating that are usually used first in exercise) are spared.

Meaning? This is meant to mean that because your glyocgen (carbs that have been converted into energy stores) is being spared, and fat is being used, you can go for longer in your workout without feeling fatigued as quickly. You will use your glycogen later on in your workout.

What if  you don’t want to go longer?! Hmm well yes, I thought about that. Either way, you feel stimulated with a coffee right (unless you’re an addict)? So the increased energy and adrenaline can get you through the workout if you’re just not feeling it that day, and can also allow you to go a little harder. Caffeine had positive effects for about 5 minutes on athletes performing short & intense bouts of exercise (think REALLY hard HIIT – high intensity interval training)

Hydration: Unless you’re having insane amounts of caffeine, your hydration levels won’t really change through exercise. Just keep hydrated with your water and you’ll be right.

Not everything is perfect… You may feel jittery or irritable, and unable to sleep so try and limit your joe to before 3pm.

What I think? Personally I feel like  can achieve more having a coffee before my workout and I think as long as you don’t do it all the time (nothing can replace good nutrition & natural energy), it’s a fine way to enhance your workout on an off-day or a day where you really feel like going nuts. I don’t have coffee that much so I do feel jittery from about an hour after I have one so just keep that in mind.

coffee love <3

coffee love ❤

Questions? Answers!

Drink Happy,

xxxo Faith

tight ass tuesdays – workout [♥]

Erh… I mean literally. Lesson time. And who doesn’t love an ed-U-cation (like that guy from Red Dog? Any takers? Just me? Mm.)

The group of muscles in your backside are the strongest and largest in your body (the largest is the Gluteus Maximus, the main booty muscle). What does this translate to? The more you work it, the more calories you burn. The more you build it, the more calories you’ll burn at rest from the increased muscle mass. Plus, who doesn’t like a nice behind?


So… the pretty picture you have before you is the gluteal muscle group. The gluteus maximus is the largest one. It’s also the one closest to the surface. We’ll need to work this big muscle to see massive results, but do more isolated exercises to shape & lift. Squats are great, but best paired with other exercises if it’s your boo-tay day.

The medius and minimus are more responsible for giving you the super tight & toned section of your upper butt/lower back, and when paired with some more lower back moves you can get those ‘Venus back dimples’. You’re also going to need to put some work into your hamstrings because they support the gluteals and add to the shape.

Butt days are by far my favourite workout days. The exercises are all pretty fun and you can feel how rock solid your butt is afterwards – and with continued practice (and pretty clean eating) you will see a change in shape – lifted & rounder & eeeeeverything you want.

So, this is a fun, SUPER HARD, power-in-numbers workout (it may seem daunting at first but it doesn’t take long and the results will amaze you 🙂 ) I’ll be making a workout video pretty soon for this so stay tuned! In the meantime though, blast some tunes and give it a bang… (use weights if you’ve got the technique down)

Wide-stance squats – 1 min

– feet a little more than shoulder-width apart and toes eveeeerr so slightly turned out

– stick your booty back and keep your chest out to come down into a deep squat like you’re sitting in a chair

– keep the weight in your heels as much as possible to target the right area

– keep your arms in front or on your waist

– clench your glutes and come up about 3/4 of the way (not all the way – just a warm-up, arrghh!)

** so, ideally you want your thighs parallel to the ground in a nice, deep squat to get the best effect. work towards this – everyone’s at their own level **

STAY IN SQUAT! No rest for you – pulse it out – 1 min

– yep, I said 1 minute. KEEP GOING

– to pulse, you go into the deepest squat you can, come up a few inches by clenching your booty and go back down. They’re pretty quick

– remember to keep your weight on your heels

** do some arm movements or lip sync to your music or whatever the hell you want to do to distract you **

That was just your warm up *muahaha* Split squat – 30 seconds each side AND THEN 30 SECONDS OF PULSING in the same position

– don’t hate me for this

– rest one of your feet on your lounge or bed or whatever and squat down with the supporting leg (so you’re kind of in lunge position with one leg elevated to the back)

– keep your working knee in line with the working toe

– weight should be in your heel/outside of your foot to target the right muscles

– keep the chest up – don’t die

DOWN ON THE GROUND! (yay!) Get on all fours like you’re coffee table. Leg lifts 1 min each side

– Shoulders directly above hands, hips in line with knees

– Raise your working leg straight and point the toes, pulse it up towards the ceiling by clenching

– It’s a small movement, only a couple inches, but keep everything super tight (core included)

NO REST! Same position, Bent Leg Lifts 1 min each side

– Bend at the knee so your leg is in a right angle and the working knee is in line with the working hip

– Flex your foot and pulse towards the ceiling by clenching your boo-tayyyy (pretend you’re trying to step on your ceiling)

– add weights (lock a dumbbell in the crease of your working knee) and make it pop

** Feel this in your hamstring? Good! You should feel the hamstring and the glutes **

STAY WHERE YOU ARE! Fire hydrants 30 secs each side + 30 secs pulses

– starting in your coffee table position, lift your working leg just as it is (a right angle) as if, um, well, you’re a dog peeing on a fire hydrant

– your knee and hips shouldn’t move, you’re lifting only with the glute and outer thigh


Aaaaand stretch.

Yay! Do this workout (10 mins) every day if you like, depending on your current training or incorporate it into your strength days and you’ll see major results from a combo of compound (big) movements and isolated (small) movements.

Questions..? Answers!

Train Happy,

xxxo Faith

benefits of yoga [♥]

A practise that is mystery to some and heaven-on-earth to others, I’ve done some research and come up with the main reasons why you will (and I do!) love yoga, even just for 10 minutes a day…

Yoga is an ‘exercise form’ I used to do for weight loss – I would go hard for an hour and (let’s be real) I hated it. I would buy DVD’s and go to gym classes with the mentality that I’d need to contort myself into these freaky poses to reach body bliss. Naturally, I stopped after about a month and just took up jogging, or Zumba, or Bootcamp or whatever I was into at the time.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I adamantly practise every day for at least 15 minutes – I come home and it’s like ‘ah, it’s power yoga time!’ It was a yoga-piphany.

It all began when I felt kinda creaky from all the Pilates I was doing, back extensions here and a million leg lifts there. I felt kind of tight and shortened. I’d heard of Tara Stiles, – a famous Yoga instructor – and YouTubed her for some stretching routines. A gentle stretch one day turned into a 10 minute advanced flexibility flow the next day and amazing yoga to open the hips & back.

I looked forward to switching the heater on and finding zen on my mat – not through contortion of the limbs or levitation, but simply through stretching (kinda gracefully!) through flows and breathing naturally. I felt more limber, back pain ceased, and I found my body had changed shape a little – jut generally a leaner look from stretching out overworked calves, quads and inner thighs (and abs – often rejected!)

Now I have some power yoga routines I do a few times a week (YouTube Bryan Jones – legend!) that combine strength, cardio and stretching without you even realising it.

Point? Yoga isn’t about the instant results, or the shape of the pose or how far you can get into your splits – it’s totally about your comfort zone. As soon as you stretch, bend & twist to the end of your comfort zone, it’s so easy to get a little bit further every time.

Beginner? Try gentle yoga with lots of stretches and simple poses – get comfortable with these and you’ll feel inspired to try more methods (Bikram, anyone?)

I know it’s cliché and all, but you do feel a lot more relaxed and less likely to stress-eat after even a short yoga session. If you can do five minutes of yoga instead of reaching for the cookies, you’ll be curbing cravings in no time and creating better habits for yourself?

A shortened version of the long, long list of benefits:

+ strengthen and stretch muscles

+ fight anxiety & depression

+ certain poses and practises induce deeper sleep

+ certain practises provide an amazing cardio workout

+ increase energy and stamina levels

+ relieve back & neck pain

+ become more flexible to protect joints, and prevent injury

+ tune into your own body & mind (you know, see what hurts, what feels good, breathe through tension, and calm your mind of any thoughts)

+ improve digestion

Where to start?

Of course the best thing is to go to a yoga class to get the instruction & technique (& a great way to connect with other yogis/yoginis!) but you can YouTube an abundance of really well-taught yoga videos of many styles if you’re short on time or money.

Questions? Answers!

Stretch happy,

xxxo Faith

amazing (& cheap) beauty tricks [♥]

Ever since forever I’ve been obsessed with how to get nice glowing skin. As someone who suffers from eczema (ugh!), it wasn’t an easy thing to find products that didn’t make me feel like I had walked into a pit of fire.

BUT, I’ve found some maaaarrveellous ways to a) get glowing skin b) calm sensitive skin c) banish blemishes and d) not lose my s%$t spending hundreds a month on skincare

1. Honey!

Believe me, honey. Organic is best. Honey acts as an antiseptic and soothes & moisturises the skin.

Good for: Eczema, breakouts, redness, inflamed/irritated skin, dry skin

How?: Apply a layer to your face or body (even if the whole face isn’t affected, it ain’t doing you no harm!) Leave it for as long as you like (minimum 10-15 minutes) and rinse it off. Moisturise afterwards.

Extra, extra! If you can do this face/body mask while the bath is running, the steam will help your pores open and allow the honey to work its magic a little better

2. Oil!

Olive oil or avocado oils are best for the skin. These moisturise and soothe, but (believe it or not) don’t clog the pores and create breakouts.

Good for: Eczema, dry/scaly skin, irritated skin, dull skin

How?: Either have your shower/bath and apply the oil (just on your body if you already have your face moisturiser sorted) OR lather a layer onto your body, leave for 5 minutes and then rinse it off in the shower. This will leave you less oily but there’ll still be a layer of protection

Extra, extra! Avoid greasing yourself up right before bed or work or whatever. I usually do this on a lazy Sunday or a workday evening

3. Sugar

Yum 🙂 Sugar will be acting as your exfoliant, so sloughing away at dead skin cells and leaving the soft & healthy skin showin’ & glowin’. Limit to once or twice a week though, because over-exfoliation only leads to drier skin

Good for: Dry/scaly skin, dull skin, suitable for sensitive skin & eczema (some exfoliants out there are MEGA OUCH when it comes to eczema so this is suitable and pain-free for everyone), LIPS!

How?: Combine a 1/2 cup of sugar with some olive/avocado oil (just enough to cover the sugar, you don’t want excess oil). Dip in and – starting with your neck – smooth it all over in circular motions (spend about 10-15 seconds on each body part as a guesstimation). Rinse lightly 🙂 Try this with your smackers too.

Extra, extra! Once you’ve rinsed, you won’t need to moisturise because the oil will provide you with moisture and a barrier of protection without feeling too oily. You’ll seriously be glowing – yay! If you want to follow it up with Vit E cream though, go to town

4. Vitamin E Cream

The most cost effective and dermatologist-recommended moisturiser for face & body that will leave you silky smooth & healthy. It’s super moisturising and acts as an antioxidant

Good for: Eczema, dry/scaly skin, irritated skin, dull skin, sensitive skin, daily moisture

How?: Lather it all over after your bath or shower, use it as hand cream, night cream or for a pedicure. It’s super cheap (about $6 a tub) and you don’t need much

Extra, extra! It’s so multi-purpose and you can use it every day. Dermatologists often say this is the best age-defence moisturiser: a high potency vitamin e cream

mmm :) warning: upon application, you will be delicious

mmm 🙂 warning: upon application, you will be delicious

Questions? Answers!

Bathe happy!

xxxo Faith

grazing or three square meals? hmm [♥]

We’ve all been told all too often that eating ‘six small meals a day will help raise the metabolism throughout, and control insulin levels’. Well, Jillian Michaels, I love you wherever you are because ever since I was a wee one, I’ve been strictly a three square meals a day gal – no snacks.

Jillian Michaels posted an interesting myth-buster about this one ( which basically confirms my suspicions that:

+ if you’re eating SIX meals instead of THREE, that means there’s more opportunity to overeat and lose track of calories

+ you can have three well-balanced meals with carbs, protein and healthy fats that can supply you with adequate nutrients AAAANNNDD most importantly…

+ how much better is it to sit down to a succulent marinated chicken breast with roast vegetables, green beans and wholegrain pasta, and a dark chocolate fondue of banana and strawberry for dessert, than it is to have ‘a handful of nuts as a snack, a small tuna salad for lunch and a hand-sized portion of minced steak for dinner’?! *YAWN*


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So maybe take another look at how many calories you’re having per day, and how many meals you’re having (including snacks…) A good meal should fill you up the whole way through and snacks shouldn’t be a necessity.

Just an end note, scientifically speaking, six small balanced meals a day may well be better for sustained energy and weight loss (and performance optimisation) BUT you would have to do this correctly, make sure you get all your nutrients, stick strictly to calorie restrictions and time your meals really well throughout the day. Elite athletes and dedicated fitness extraordinaires may practise this, but for the average person this is kinda unattainable, so best to focus your thoughts on only three meals.


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Eat happy,

xxxo Faith